PISA 2012 Results: What Students Know and Can Do (Volume I)

Student Performance in Mathematics, Reading and Science

image of PISA 2012 Results: What Students Know and Can Do (Volume I)

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) examines not just what students know in mathematics, reading and science, but what they can do with what they know. This is the first of six volumes that present the results of the 2012 PISA survey, the fifth round of the triennial assessment. It summarises the performance in mathematics, reading and science of students in PISA 2012.



Chapter 6. Policy Implications of Student Performance in PISA

The PISA 2012 assessment dispels the notion that achievement in mathematics is mainly a product of innate ability rather than hard work. Results also suggest that improvement is possible among high performers as well as among low performers. This chapter considers how education policies of school systems and individual schools are associated with student performance and with gender differences in performance.


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