PISA 2012 Results: What Students Know and Can Do (Volume I)

Student Performance in Mathematics, Reading and Science

image of PISA 2012 Results: What Students Know and Can Do (Volume I)

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) examines not just what students know in mathematics, reading and science, but what they can do with what they know. This is the first of six volumes that present the results of the 2012 PISA survey, the fifth round of the triennial assessment. It summarises the performance in mathematics, reading and science of students in PISA 2012.



Chapter 2. A Profile of Student Performance in Mathematics

This chapter compares student performance in mathematics across and within countries and economies. It discusses the PISA definition of literacy in mathematics and describes the tasks associated with each PISA proficiency level. The chapter then digs deep into the results of the mathematics assessment, showing gender differences in performance, trends in mathematics performance up to 2012, and differences in students’ abilities to handle certain mathematics processes, such as formulating situations mathematically, and certain mathematics contents, such as uncertainty and data, and space and shape.




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