PISA 2012 Results: Creative Problem Solving (Volume V)

Students' Skills in Tackling Real-Life Problems

image of PISA 2012 Results: Creative Problem Solving (Volume V)

This fifth volume of PISA 2012 results presents an assessment of student performance in problem solving, which measures students’ capacity to respond to non-routine situations in order to achieve their potential as constructive and reflective citizens. It provides the rationale for assessing problem-solving skills and describes  performance within and across countries and economies. In addition, the volume highlights the relative strengths and weaknesses of each school system and examines how they are related to individual student characteristics, such as gender, immigrant background and socio-economic status. The volume also explores the role of education in fostering problem-solving skills.


English Also available in: French



“We ought to leave behind the brick economy and focus on the knowledge economy.” So said Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, speaking recently at the Global Forum Spain in Bilbao and highlighting one of the key challenges facing Europe, particularly Spain. PISA’s first assessment of creative problem-solving skills shows how well-prepared students are to confront – and solve – the kinds of problems that are encountered almost daily in 21st century life.


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