PISA 2009 Results: What Makes a School Successful?

Resources, Policies and Practices (Volume IV)

image of PISA 2009 Results: What Makes a School Successful?
This volume of PISA 2009 results examines how human, financial and material resources, and education policies and practices shape learning outcomes. Following an introduction to PISA and a Reader's Guide explaining how to interpret the data, Chapter 1 presents a summary of features shared by "successful" school systems. Chapter 2 details how resources, policies and practices relate to student performance. Chapter 3 provides detailed descriptions and in-depth analyses of selected organisational features (how students are sorted into grades, schools, and programmes, school autonomy, etc.) of schools and systems and how those aspects affect performance. Chapter 4 describes and analyzes key aspects of the learning environment (behaviours, discipline, parental involvement, school leadership, etc.) and how they affect performance.  The final chapter discusses the policy implications of the findings.  Annexes provides detailed statistical data and technical background.

English Also available in: German, French, Spanish

Policy Implications

Many nations declare that they are committed to children and education. This is put to the test when these commitments come up against other considerations. How do such nations pay teachers compared to the way they pay other professionals with the same level of education? When people are being considered for jobs, how are education credentials weighed against other qualifications ? Would you want your child to be a teacher? How much attention do the media pay to schools and schooling? When it comes down to it, which matters more: a community’s standing in the sports leagues or its standing in the school league tables? Are parents more likely to encourage their children to study longer and harder or would they want them to spend more time with their friends, participating in community activities, or taking part in sporting activities?

English Also available in: German, French

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