PISA 2009 Results: Overcoming Social Background

Equity in Learning Opportunities and Outcomes (Volume II)

image of PISA 2009 Results: Overcoming Social Background
Volume II of PISA's 2009 results looks at how successful education systems moderate the impact of social background and immigrant status on student and school performance. The volume opens with an introduction to PISA and a Reader's Guide providing information that will help readers understand the data. Chapter 1 focuses on the magnitude of differences in student performance across countries and the extent to which these differences relate to socio-economic background. Chapter 2 examines the extent to which students and schools with different socio-economic backgrounds have access to similar educational resources, and the impact of background and school on learning outcomes. Chapter 3 examines the relationship between student performance and different aspects of socio-economic background. Chapter 4 compares the performance of students with an immigrant background with the performance of other students. Chapter 5 analyses the impact of socio-economic background of schools on reading performance. The final chapter examines policy implications of the findings.  Annexes provide detailed statistical data and technical information.

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Learning Outcomes of Students with an Immigrant Background

On average, more than 10% of 15-year-old students across OECD countries are foreign-born or have foreign-born parents. This chapter compares the reading performance of students with an immigrant background with the performance of students without an immigrant background in the same country, and with the performance of students in other countries. It examines performance differences among first- and second-generation immigrants; and between those students who speak a different language at home than the one in which they were assessed, and those who speak the same language at home. Performance in reading is also analysed according to immigrant students’ country or region of origin.

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