PISA 2009 Assessment Framework

Key Competencies in Reading, Mathematics and Science

image of PISA 2009 Assessment Framework

This book presents the theory behind the development of the 2009 PISA survey. The re-worked and expanded framework for reading literacy includes not only the assessment of reading and understanding printed texts, but also an innovative component to assess how well students read, navigate and understand electronic texts. Additionally, this publication provides the basis for measuring mathematical and scientific competencies. Finally, it presents the theory behind the questionnaires used to gather information from students, schools and parents on students’ home backgrounds, students’ approaches to learning and school learning environments.

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Annex B

Background questionnaires

Annex B provides the background questionnaires used in the PISA 2009 survey to obtain information about the participating schools, students and parents. There are different questionnaires for each group: The school questionnaire is administered to principals and covers the structure and organisation of the school; the student and teacher body; the school’s resources; the school’s instruction, curriculum and assessment; the school climate; the school’s policies and practices; and the characteristics of the principal or designate. The questionnaire for students addresses their educational career; family context and home resources; individual engagement in reading; instructional time, learning and assessment; classroom and school climate; access to and use of libraries; and students’ strategies in reading and understanding texts. Two optional questionnaires are administered to students: an educational career questionnaire covering the students’ educational histories and career aspirations; and a questionnaire about students’ access to information and communication technology and their use of and attitude towards computers. A third optional questionnaire for parents covers their children’s past reading engagement; their own reading engagement; home reading resources and support; parents’ background; their perception of and involvement in school; and school choice.

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