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Personalisation of education can mean many things and raises profound questions about the purposes of and possibilities for education. What are the policy challenges to be addressed in furthering personalisation? What do the learning sciences, including burgeoning research into brain functioning, have to contribute in pointing the way ahead? What are the constraints imposed by key stakeholders in education systems – including teachers, parents and employers, and how should these be met? Such questions are addressed in this new volume in the OECD's Schooling for Tomorrow series, with contributors from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Personalised Learning and Changing Conceptions of Childhood and Youth

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Hébert and Hartley take the example of Canada as indicative of changing conceptions of youth that occur through societies, shaped by moral, socio-economic, political and legal influences. These include the appearance of a more liberal Christianity, the growth of industrial and agricultural productivity, the spread of literacy and the rise of the middle class, the greater emancipation of women, and enlarged notions of citizenship. Two particular processes – the advent of mass schooling and the post-war development of teenage youth culture in advertising and through the media – have been instrumental in extending childhood and shaping youth. Educational policy makers and researchers have a responsibility to understand conceptions of children and youth and to recognise the forces that shape them and young people must be recognised as whole. Educators are called upon to see beyond broad social representations of children and youth so as to support their strengths, legitimacy, diversity and vitality

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