Personalising Education

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Personalisation of education can mean many things and raises profound questions about the purposes of and possibilities for education. What are the policy challenges to be addressed in furthering personalisation? What do the learning sciences, including burgeoning research into brain functioning, have to contribute in pointing the way ahead? What are the constraints imposed by key stakeholders in education systems – including teachers, parents and employers, and how should these be met? Such questions are addressed in this new volume in the OECD's Schooling for Tomorrow series, with contributors from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Getting the Questions Right

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Personalisation, argue the authors, promises to overcome the uneven results of educational delivery and link innovation in the public sector to the broader transformations in OECD societies. It is not purely a function of choice between alternative supply channels, but of shaping and combining different learning resources and sources of support around personal progression. Bentley and Miller discuss the personalisation divides – demand/supply, public/private. They describe entry points to system-wide change through different questions and issues: universal? diverse? transparent?; learning and teaching – the role of the active learner; learning beyond the classroom – the role of communities; reshaping roles and the workforce; organisation and coordination. The system-wide shift that personalisation could help to stimulate, they conclude, has the potential to be as profound as any transition that public education systems have undertaken before, but this requires both a compelling political narrative and a strategy for distributed change.

English Also available in: French

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