OECD Skills Strategy Implementation Guidance for Latvia

Developing Latvia’s Education Development Guidelines 2021-2027

image of OECD Skills Strategy Implementation Guidance for Latvia

In order to pave the path to future success, Latvia has developed its Education Development Guidelines 2021-2027, which identifies key policy initiatives that are critical for skills development. The Guidelines outline how Latvia will equip its citizens with skills to flourish in work and in society. Evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of Latvia’s education and skills systems has informed the prioritisation of relevant policies in the Guidelines. A wide range of Latvian actors across ministries, levels of government, education and training providers, employers, trade unions, the non-profit sector and learners have been involved in the development of the Guidelines, demonstrating their commitment to work together to implement these initiatives.

Looking to the future, more can be done to position Latvia to successfully implement the policy priorities and reach the targets encompassed by the Guidelines. As the COVID-19 crisis has reminded us, the future is uncertain and therefore all plans must be designed to be responsive and adaptable to overcome future challenges and seize future opportunities.

Building on the OECD Skills Strategy Assessment and Recommendations phase, the Implementation Guidance phase has supported Latvia in the development of the Education Development Guidelines 2021‑2027 by providing guidance on selecting policy actions, improving Latvia’s indicator system, and selecting performance indicators.


Guidance on improving Latvia’s indicator system and selecting EDG indicators

An indicator system provides for effective measurement of progress in meeting policy objectives, thereby drawing attention to where and when remedial interventions may be required. This chapter provides guidance on improving Latvia’s indicator system and selecting indicators for Latvia’s Education Development Guidelines 2021‑2027 (EDG). It presents elements of an effective process for selecting indicators, an assessment of Latvia’s indicator system, and a list of potential indicators for the EDG. It also identifies five additional actions Latvia should take to improve its indicator system: 1) link databases for indicators; 2) improve quality indicator data; 3) benchmark indicators; 4) raise capacity to make use of indicators; and 5) improve dissemination of indicator data.



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