OECD Reviews of Vocational Education and Training: A Learning for Jobs Review of England and Wales 2009

Learning for Jobs is an OECD study of vocational education and training (VET) designed to help countries make their VET systems more responsive to labour market needs.

In England and Wales, a substantial commitment, backed by increased resources, has been made to the enhancement of workplace skills. Policy-making is self-evidently dynamic and innovative and governments are making conscious attempts to improve employer engagement – the particular topic of this report. At the same time there are a number of challenges – in particular that of linking enhanced employer engagement to a strong apprenticeship system, and of overcoming the obstacle of a complex and unstable institutional environment.

The OECD review assesses the main challenges faced by the VET system and presents an interconnected package of policy recommendations. For each recommendation, the report describes the challenge, the recommendation itself, supporting arguments, and issues of implementation.