OECD Reviews of School Resources: Uruguay 2016

image of OECD Reviews of School Resources: Uruguay 2016

The effective use of school resources is a policy priority across OECD countries. The OECD Reviews of School Resources explore how resources can be governed, distributed, utilised and managed to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school education.

The series considers four types of resources: financial resources, such as public funding of individual schools; human resources, such as teachers, school leaders and education administrators; physical resources, such as location, buildings and equipment; and other resources, such as learning time.

This series offers timely policy advice to both governments and the education community. It includes both country reports and thematic studies.



Composition of the review team

Beatrice Ávalos, a Chilean national, holds a Ph.D. from St. Louis University, USA and is an associate researcher at the Centre for Advanced Research in Education, University of Chile, where she leads a research group on teacher related topics. She was awarded the 2013 National Prize in Educational Sciences by the Chilean government. Between 2007 and 2010 she co-ordinated the Chilean application of the IEA TEDS-M study at the Ministry of Education. Formerly, she was Senior Lecturer at University of Wales, Cardiff and Professor of Education at the University of Papua New Guinea, and more recently has participated in the Latin American UNESCO review of teacher policies. She has carried out consultancy work for several international organisations including The World Bank, UNESCO/OREALC, the Academy for Educational Development as well as on request of countries in Uruguay and Bolivia. She has published extensively on themes related to teachers, teacher education, policy and educational development both in Spanish and English. She has also contributed with articles to several International Handbooks on Leadership, Educational Change, School Improvement, Continuing Professional Development of Teachers and the International Handbook of Teacher Education.


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