OECD Reviews of School Resources: Flemish Community of Belgium 2015

image of OECD Reviews of School Resources: Flemish Community of Belgium 2015

The effective use of school resources is a policy priority across OECD countries. The OECD Reviews of School Resources explore how resources can be governed, distributed, utilised and managed to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school education.

The series considers four types of resources: financial resources, such as public funding of individual schools; human resources, such as teachers, school leaders and education administrators; physical resources, such as location, buildings and equipment; and other resources such as learning time.

This series offers timely policy advice to both governments and the education community. It includes both country reports and thematic studies.



Provision of school places in the Flemish Community of Belgium

This chapter presents the organisation of the school offer and the provision of school places in the Flemish Community of Belgium, including the provision of special needs education. It describes the existing setup of schools and school buildings as well as the distribution of students across these institutions. It examines how demographic developments are influencing the demand for school places in different parts of the Flemish Community, with particular attention to the challenges faced by urban areas in meeting growing demand. The chapter also analyses how parental choice impacts on student enrolment patterns and the degree to which policies to regulate school choice influence the composition of student populations within schools. It places particular emphasis on potential efficiency gains in the provision of school places, giving attention to aspects such as school size, the offer of programme and course choices in the secondary sector, the organisation of schools within educational networks and school boards and the extent of student tracking and grade repetition.


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