OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Sweden 2011

image of OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Sweden 2011

How can student assessment, teacher appraisal, school evaluation and system evaluation bring about real gains in performance across a country’s school system? This book provides, for Sweden,  an independent analysis from an international perspective of major issues facing the evaluation and assessment framework in education along with current policy initiatives, and possible future approaches. This series forms part of the OECD Review on Evaluation and Assessment Frameworks for Improving School Outcomes.


System Evaluation

The performance of the Swedish education system is monitored via a range of tools including participation in international assessments, aggregation of data from national assessments, thematic quality evaluations by the Inspectorate and evaluation reports by the National Agency for Education. Results of system-level evaluation are taken seriously and feed into policy development for school improvement. It can be questioned, however, whether much of the data collected on student outcomes are appropriate for the purpose of system monitoring. The current reporting of outcomes relies heavily on grades awarded by teachers, but recent studies show that teachers’ grading is uneven. This implies that aggregating test results and student grades as measures of school, municipality and system performance is not appropriate. Options to provide a more reliable system monitoring tool could include setting up external moderation of national tests or introducing a sample monitoring survey. Also, there is room to encourage greater mobilisation of existing data and information in order to optimise the usability of this information by local policy makers and stakeholders.


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