OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Portugal 2012

image of OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Portugal 2012

This book provides, from an international perspective, an independent analysis of major issues facing the educational evaluation and assessment framework, current policy initiatives, and possible future approaches in Portugal.



The evaluation and assessment framework

Evaluation and assessment in Portugal operates at four key levels: (i) system – namely through education indicators, national tests and examinations, and international student surveys; (ii) school – external inspection by the General Inspectorate of Education and school self-evaluation; (iii) teacher – through a national system of teacher performance appraisal; and (iv) student – with instruments ranging from national standardised tests to ongoing daily formative assessment in the classroom. The approach to evaluation and assessment combines central control over policy development and standard setting with a measure of devolved responsibility for the implementation of evaluation and assessment at the school level. The Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for oversight of the entire education system and plays a role in all components of the evaluation and assessment framework. The framework exists in an environment where there is an increasing trend of accountability for all school agents, the commitment to develop an evaluation culture in the education system, and a growing focus on measuring educational performance.


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