OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Norway 2011

image of OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Norway 2011

How can student assessment, teacher appraisal, school evaluation and system evaluation bring about real gains in performance across a country’s school system? This book provides, for Norway, an independent analysis from an international perspective of major issues facing the evaluation and assessment framework in education along with current policy initiatives and possible future approaches. This series forms part of the OECD Review on Evaluation and Assessment Frameworks for Improving School Outcomes

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Student assessment

Norway is developing a balanced approach to student assessment based on a mix of teacher-based classroom assessments and central examinations. Assessment as a means to improve teaching and learning has gained increasing prominence in both policy and practice, and teachers hold the key responsibility for both formative and summative student assessment. The Directorate for Education and Training has launched a range of measures intended to clarify the rules and regulations regarding assessment, increase assessment competence, promote more relevant and fairer assessment of student work and improve the system documenting assessment. However, nationally set expectations for performance are quite broad and the assessment system lacks clear criteria and exemplars illustrating different levels of performance. There are indications that schools and teachers vary considerably in their assessment, grading and reporting practices, which raises concerns about the consistency and fairness of teacher-based assessment. There is also a need for the national authorities to be more explicit about the distinct purposes of different assessment approaches and to invest further in professional learning on effective assessment practice.


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