OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Georgia

image of OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Georgia

Georgia has made remarkable progress in expanding education access and improving education quality. Nevertheless, the majority of children in Georgia leave school without mastering the basic competencies for life and work. Moreover, students’ background is becoming a greater influence on their achievement. This review, developed in partnership with UNICEF, provides Georgia with recommendations to strengthen its evaluation and assessment system to focus on helping students learn. It will be of interest to countries that wish to strengthen their own evaluation and assessment systems and, in turn, improve educational outcomes.



Assuring quality schooling through external evaluation and school-led improvements

This chapter looks at how Georgia can improve schooling through introducing effective quality assurance mechanisms. Schools in Georgia have considerable autonomy, but few accountability measures in place to ensure that schools provide adequate services. Most schools have not undergone school authorisation, and a school evaluation framework is still being developed. Georgia should continue with its plans to authorise all schools, but prioritise authorisation visits and follow-up supports for schools that are struggling. Using the authorisation standards, Georgia can then finish developing a comprehensive school external evaluation framework that supports teaching and learning and holds schools accountable for their actions. Simultaneously, Georgia should improve the value of school self-evaluation, which is currently conducted but does not necessarily lead to school improvement.


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