OECD Review of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: Portugal

image of OECD Review of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: Portugal

Portugal aims to develop a more innovative, inclusive and productive economy, and to ensure that the ensuing benefits are widely distributed, regionally and socially. This report assesses the extent to which Portugal’s higher education, research and innovation system is well configured to help Portugal achieve its vision of inclusive innovation, and identify which policy options might help it achieve its goals.

The assessment and the related recommendations focus on: 1) governance, strategy and funding in higher education, research and innovation; 2) the missions, profiles and use of resources of higher education institutions; 3) undergraduate and master’s level education activities; 4) doctoral training activities; 5) academic careers; 6) high-skill employment and business innovation.


Governance, Strategy and funding in the HERI System

Following Portugal’s accession to the European Economic Community in 1986, essential governance functions of the HERI system were formalised and strengthened. However, Portugal system is still characterised by a crowded and fragmented strategic policy framework. No single HERI strategy and little horizontal co-ordination mechanisms within government help guide public investment in research and innovation activities and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency necessary to achieve the country’s high ambitions in this policy domain. Moreover, funding allocation processes at agency level result in the dispersion of research resources and limit the alignment of the higher education, research, and innovation system to national development goals.


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