New Insights from TALIS 2013

Teaching and Learning in Primary and Upper Secondary Education

image of New Insights from TALIS 2013

The Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) asks teachers and principals who they are, where they teach and how they feel about their work. The results on lower secondary schools were published in TALIS 2013 Results: An International Perspective on Teaching and Learning. A few countries chose to also conduct the survey in primary and/or upper secondary education. This report presents the results of these options and offers a broader view of teachers and school principals across all levels of compulsory education, and all the similarities and differences in the issues they are facing.


Key findings and policy implications

Based on the discussions and analyses in this report and the comparisons of teachers and school leaders across all levels of the education systems in the participating countries and economies, this chapter summarises the findings of the report in terms of their policy implications. The areas discussed in this chapter include the distribution of resources across systems, school leadership, the availability of and teacher participation in induction and mentoring programmes, teacher appraisal and feedback and factors related to teacher self-efficacy and job satisfaction.


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