New Challenges for Educational Research

image of New Challenges for Educational Research

This book explores the national educational Research & Development systems in England and New Zealand, the first two such OECD reviews ever. It shows that some OECD countries are increasingly taking innovative research initiatives in order to improve the knowledge base in education for teachers and policy makers. Major changes are needed in the practice of teachers, researchers and policy makers in order to create a system-wide continuous improvement of the knowledge base.

English Also available in: French

OECD Review of New Zealand's R&D System

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

This chapter present the OECD review of New Zealand’s educational R&D system. New Zealand has a clear commitment to a strategic approach to educational R&D as a policy commitment with an open and evolving debate on education priorities involving policy-makers, researchers and practitioners. The review addresses a number of themes such as the scope, volume, themes and type of educational R&D, research capacity and the interface between research and practice and policy in New Zealand...

English Also available in: French

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