Measuring Improvements in Learning Outcomes

Best Practices to Assess the Value-Added of Schools

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Value-added estimates are a significant improvement upon measures of school performance currently used in most education systems across OECD countries. They provide a fundamentally more accurate and valuable quantitative basis for school improvement planning, policy development and for enacting effective school accountability arrangements. This groundbreaking report provides examples of best practices in value-added modeling for measuring school performance.

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The Design of Value-Added Models

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

In this report, the term value-added modelling is used to denote a class of statistical models that estimate the relative contributions of schools to student progress with respect to stated or prescribed education objectives (e.g. cognitive achievement) measured at at least two points in time. To the extent that such progress is a desirable outcome of schooling, value-added modelling can therefore provide a valuable source of information. Indeed, as Part I makes clear, the output of value-added modelling might be used in many ways by both education authorities and school officials. There are many different value-added models in use today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Part II of this report identifies the key issues in the design of value-added models and then presents descriptions of some of the more common value-added models. Various statistical and methodological issues are then discussed to assist policy makers and administrators in the design of value-added modelling and in choosing the most appropriate model for school development and to monitor progress toward specified objectives in their education system.

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