Higher Education Management and Policy

Institutional Management in Higher Education

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Previously published as Higher Education Management, Higher Education Management and Policy (HEMP) is published three times each year and is edited by the OECD’s Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education. It covers the field through articles and reports on such issues as quality assurance, human resources, funding, and internationalisation. It also is a source of information on activities and events organised by OECD’s IMHE Programme.

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Keywords: university, policy, administration, institutional, higher, education, practical, practice, management, policies, tertiary

Managing change in higher education institutions in Tanzania

A historical perspective

Institutional Management in Higher Education

This paper examines the history of the management of the higher education sector in Tanzania. It reveals that government policies and management styles throughout the period from 1961 to the early 2000s created a culture of resistance within the higher education institutions, leading to struggles and many attempts to change the management of the sector. The authors analyse the effects of management practices in higher education and propose a model of institutional change that yields positive outcomes based on institutional needs and those of the academic faculty members.


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