Making the Most of Technology for Learning and Training in Latin America

image of Making the Most of Technology for Learning and Training in Latin America

Digitalisation is transforming the world of work and societies, and creating opportunities to learn and develop skills in new ways, times and places. The adoption and use of digital technologies can help Latin American countries close the skills gap with more advanced economies. Making the Most of Technology for Learning and Training in Latin America demonstrates how Latin American countries can realise the potential of new technologies for skills development in schools and all stages of life. It identifies barriers to accessing ICT infrastructure and connectivity limitations in Latin America, and provides recommendations on how they can be overcome to ensure that all students and citizens can benefit from new technologies for learning. The report explores the relationship between technology use in initial education and students’ performance in Latin America, and how policies can best support teachers as digital tools enter their classrooms. Digitalisation provides new opportunities for lifelong learning and this report examines the potential of open education and MOOCs in reaching those adults who are most in need of training in Latin American countries.



The digital transformation is reshaping people’s lives, workplaces and economies. It changes what individuals do at work, how they interact with each other, where and when they buy products and how they learn. Skills are crucial to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. To reap the benefits of the new technological wave, each country relies on the skills of its population and its skills-related policies. Latin American countries are still lagging behind many countries in terms of the skills of their citizens, but the digital transformation provides new opportunities to catch up. New technologies bring countless opportunities for learning at any time, in any place and at all stages of life. From online tutorials to open education resources, online degrees or educational software, new technologies open the door to new forms of developing skills and acquiring knowledge.


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