Les compétences des adultes à la loupe

Les compétences des adultes à la loupe sont une série de notes conçues pour mettre en lumière, dans un format concis et accessible, les résultats de l’Évaluation des compétences des adultes de l’OCDE.

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Does having digital skills really pay off?

Un investissement vraiment rentable ?

Having the highest levels of skills in problem solving using ICT (information and communication technologies) increases chances of participating in the labour force by six percentage points compared with adults who have the lowest levels of these skills, even after accounting for various other factors, such as age, gender, level of education, literacy and numeracy proficiency, and use of e-mail at home. Adults without ICT experience are less likely to participate in the labour force; if they are employed, they earn less than adults with ICT experience, after accounting for various other factors. Experience in using ICT has a particularly large impact on participation in the labour force and earnings in Australia, England/Northern Ireland (UK) and the United States. Workers who use ICT frequently have substantially higher wages than those who do not use ICT often.

French Also available in: English

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