Learning for Jobs

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Learning for Jobs is an OECD study of vocational education and training designed to help countries make their Vocational Education and Training (VET) Systems  more responsive to labour market needs. It expands the evidence base, identifies a set of policy options and develops tools to appraise VET policy initiatives.

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Effective teachers and trainers

As in general education, the quality of the teaching and training profession is critical to effective learning in vocational programmes. This chapter argues that, in the face of shortages, countries need imaginative measures to encourage the recruitment of teachers and trainers, and to ensure that they have relevant and up-to-date workplace skills. This means facilitating the recruitment of practitioners from industry into vocational teaching and training, and encouraging part-time working, with trainers spending some of their time in workplaces, to improve the understanding of industry in VET institutions. Supervisors of trainees and apprentices in workplaces need relevant preparation, particularly to carry out their pedagogical role. Interchange and partnership between VET institutions and industry should be encouraged.

English German, French

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