Languages in a Global World

Learning for Better Cultural Understanding

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The rise of globalisation makes language competencies more valuable, both at individual and societal levels. This book examines the links between globalisation and the way we teach and learn languages. It begins by asking why some individuals are more successful than others at learning non-native languages, and why some education systems, or countries, are more successful than others at teaching languages.

The book comprises chapters by different authors on the subject of language learning. There are chapters on the role of motivation; the way that languages, cultures and identities are interconnected; the insights that neuroscience provides; migrants, their education and opportunities to learn languages; language learning and teaching in North America; and new approaches to language learning.


How the Mexican education system contributes to emigration

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

As national borders become ever more porous and the world becomes a more tightly interconnected place thanks to new technology, ease of transportation, and increasingly global markets, domestic education policy should strive to prepare the next generation as members of a global society (see Hinton, this volume). According to data from the United States Census bureau, the number of international migrants in the world may double by 2050 (Süssmuth, 2007). As a result of this staggering increase in people living in countries in which they were not born, many questions arise about where people migrate, for what purpose, and what role the country of origin plays. How does the Mexican education system prepare (or not prepare) its citizens for a role in the global marketplace? Does Mexico create a class of lowskill workers for the benefit of the United States? What implications for the future can be drawn from the Mexican example?


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