Internationalisation and Trade in Higher Education

Opportunities and Challenges

image of Internationalisation and Trade in Higher Education

This book brings together up-to-date statistics, case studies and policy reports on the major trends and developments in cross-border post-secondary education in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Topics covered include policy initiatives to promote cross-border post-secondary education; rationales for delivering or receiving cross-border education services; size and growth of cross-border post-secondary education in terms of student mobility, programme mobility, and institutional mobility (international branch campuses); assessment of the possible impact of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (WTO); and challenges facing cross-border post-secondary education such as quality assurance and recognition of qualifications, cost and financing, equity of access, trade agreements, capacity building in receiving countries, mobility personnel, and cultural diversity.

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Implications of Recent Developments for Access and Equity, Cost and Funding, Quality and Capacity Building

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

This chapter provides an analysis of the main educational policy issues raised by cross-border education and points to some emerging issues. The first section shows the possible importance of cross-border post-secondary education for expanding access to post-secondary education, while also stressing possible equity issues.

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