Advancing Digital Maturity in Croatia’s Higher Education System

image of Advancing Digital Maturity in Croatia’s Higher Education System

The Croatian government views digitalisation as a way to improve access to higher education and increase its attractiveness. To this end, it is investing in modernising digital infrastructure and building capacity to effectively integrate digital technologies into the higher education sector. This report provides an account of the activities and findings of a project on assessing and improving digital maturity in Croatian higher education institutions, which was carried out by the OECD and funded by the European Union. The objective of the project was to provide support and advice to Croatian authorities as they develop their policy approach to higher education digitalisation.

This report details the activities and outcomes of the project. It reviews international best practices related to enhancing the quality of digital higher education. It also provides technical guidance to public authorities on prioritising investments in various forms of digital infrastructure. Finally, it offers guidance to Croatian higher education institutions to support their strategic development process and their investment strategies with regard to digitalisation.


Institution-level allocation of responsibility for digital transformation


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