Inspired by Technology, Driven by Pedagogy

A Systemic Approach to Technology-Based School Innovations

image of Inspired by Technology, Driven by Pedagogy

This report highlights key issues to facilitate understanding of how a systemic approach to technology-based school innovations can contribute to quality education for all while promoting a more equal and effective education system. It focuses on the novel concept of systemic innovation, as well as presenting the emerging opportunities to generate innovations that stem from Web 2.0 and the important investments and efforts that have gone into the development and promotion of digital resources. It also shows alternative ways to monitor, assess and scale up technology-based innovations. Some country cases, as well as fresh and alternative research frameworks, are presented.


Extending and scaling technology-based innovations through research

The case of Singapore

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

This chapter examines the question of 21st century skills through the prism of a case study on Singapore. Certainly, this case is quite particular in many respects, including its emphasis on the design, implementation and evaluation of national master plans. The support to technology-based innovations, as well as their monitoring and assessment, have been playing an important role in these plans. This contribution discusses the different ways in which practitioners, researchers and policy makers have been involved in the process of documenting successful innovations and planning for scaling up. The authors suggest that careful attention should be paid to the translation process from the initiation of innovation to the implementation of innovation.


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