Improving School Leadership, Volume 2

Case Studies on System Leadership

image of Improving School Leadership, Volume 2

This book explores what specialists are saying about system leadership for school improvement. Case studies examine innovative approaches to sharing leadership across schools in Belgium (Flanders), Finland and the United Kingdom (England) and leadership development programmes for system improvement in Australia and Austria. As these are emerging practices, the book provides a first international comparison and assessment of the state of the art of system leadership.

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Realising the potential of system leadership

This chapter sets out an approach to “system leadership” leading to sustainable educational transformation. The author proposes a definition of system leaders as those who are willing to shoulder system leadership roles and work for the success of other schools as well as their own. He elaborates the concept and argues that the movement towards system leadership can be increasingly defined in terms of concepts, capacities, roles and strategy. The chapter concludes by proposing a model for system leaders: they focus on three domains of the school – managing the teaching and learning process, developing people and developing the organisation – but they also strive for equity and inclusion through acting on school context and culture. System leadership is the key driver in ensuring that every student reaches their potential and that every school becomes great.

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