Improving School Leadership, Volume 2

Case Studies on System Leadership

image of Improving School Leadership, Volume 2

This book explores what specialists are saying about system leadership for school improvement. Case studies examine innovative approaches to sharing leadership across schools in Belgium (Flanders), Finland and the United Kingdom (England) and leadership development programmes for system improvement in Australia and Austria. As these are emerging practices, the book provides a first international comparison and assessment of the state of the art of system leadership.

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Building leadership capacity for system improvement in Victoria, Australia

This chapter provides information and analysis on the strategic approach to school leadership development in the Federal State of Victoria in Australia. The Victorian approach was selected by the OECD Improving School Leadership activity as an innovative example of school leadership development because of the state’s remarkable drive to improve school effectiveness, in which leadership development plays a central part. The Victorian school improvement and leadership development strategies are thoroughly informed by national and international research. Implementation of the leadership development strategy reflects a close relationship between the Victorian education administration and school principals, in which the ministerial department provides consistent system leadership.

English Also available in: French

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