Improving Education in Mexico

A State-level Perspective from Puebla

image of Improving Education in Mexico

How can the state of Puebla improve its education system? Within an international perspective, this report analyses the major challenges facing the state’s education system, current policy initiatives, and innovative practices. It highlights that a long-term strategy, a stronger capacity to lead improvements and reforms in four main policy areas are keystones for educational improvement. With insights from top performing systems and those with a similar reform trajectory, it sets out strategies for action to make change happen.

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Improving education infrastructure in Puebla

Well-designed, constructed, equipped and maintained schools that inspire and facilitate learning are critically important for improving the quality of education in Puebla. Significant steps have been taken in recent years to improve school infrastructure, such as higher investments through the Peso-a-Peso programme or innovative delivery ways through ICTs. However, the absence of strategic planning and decades of underinvestment have left their mark: lack of basic facilities, deterioration, overcrowded classrooms, untapped external spaces, little sharing of facilities between schools or other organisations. Also, shortages prompt schools to fundraise from parents’ associations particularly hindering disadvantaged schools and exacerbating social inequalities.

To improve education infrastructure, this chapter looks into policies to:

  • Entrust a single body with the overall responsibility for school infrastructure and develop a long-term school infrastructure plan.
  • Secure adequate and equitable funding for school infrastructure.
  • Ensure that the design and use of the existing or new school infrastructure fosters student learning.



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