Improving Education in Mexico

A State-level Perspective from Puebla

image of Improving Education in Mexico

How can the state of Puebla improve its education system? Within an international perspective, this report analyses the major challenges facing the state’s education system, current policy initiatives, and innovative practices. It highlights that a long-term strategy, a stronger capacity to lead improvements and reforms in four main policy areas are keystones for educational improvement. With insights from top performing systems and those with a similar reform trajectory, it sets out strategies for action to make change happen.

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Executive summary

The state of Puebla, located in central Mexico, stands where many top-performers and successful reformers have once stood: at the crossroads of maintaining the status quo or embarking on a profound transformation of its education system. The current government is committed to make a long-lasting difference through a long-term strategy to build the Puebla Education Model, which will guide and align the efforts of all the actors in the system, and could inspire other states and federal reform efforts. Reform should focus on four areas: (i) strengthening support for schools and students; (ii) improving the quality of teachers and school leaders; (iii) increasing completion and quality in upper secondary education; and (iv) improving the planning, funding and use of school infrastructure. Moreover, a deep-rooted improvement calls for a more policy-oriented bureaucratic structure in Puebla and a new federal governance system.


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