20 Higher Education Management and Policy, Volume 20 Issue 2

Higher Education and Regional Development

image of Higher Education Management and Policy, Volume 20 Issue 2

The journal of OECD's Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education.  This special issue concentrates on higher education and regional development and includes articles on engagement of universities in regional development, innovation and regional development, and case studies from the US, Lapland, North East England, Australia,  and Finland.

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The Contribution of Higher Education to Regional Cultural Development in the North East of England

Institutional Management in Higher Education

In the United Kingdom, the creative and cultural industries in the North East of England have notably contributed to the region’s economic development. The city of NewcastleGateshead’s recent renaissance has helped redefine the region’s cultural identity. Higher education has played an important part in the North East of England region, whether through heritage buildings such as Durham Castle, or the newly built facilities within Newcastle University’s cultural quarter. The North East universities also play a leading role in developing knowledge and skills for the cultural sector by supporting new businesses, supplying student volunteers, and making a critical contribution through staff research and collaborative doctoral studentships.

The success of the universities’ engagement with the region depends on strategies and structures within both higher education and governmental bodies responsible for the cultural sector; universities work with a wide range of central government departments, sector skills councils, regional development associations, local government, and cultural organisations such as the Arts Council and the Regional Cultural Consortia. In many ways the cultural value of the universities’ contribution is often intangible, but as major contributors to the quality of life and economic prosperity, often partnering cultural organisations throughout the region, the significance of this contribution cannot be ignored.

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