Higher Education in Regional and City Development: The Galilee, Israel 2011

Institutional Management in Higher Education

Israel has developed a strong economy with entrepreneurial drive and high tech driven growth, but the socio-economic divide between population groups is growing. In the Galilee, about half of the population is Arab. A key challenge for the Galilee and Israel is the disparity between Arab and Jewish populations in terms of employment and education outcomes.


How can the government ensure that investment in education is equitable for different population groups? How can universities and colleges fuel local growth by developing relevant skills and improving educational attainment levels across the multi-ethnic, multi-religious population?

This publication is part of the series of OECD reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development. These reviews help mobilise higher education institutions for economic, social and cultural development of cities and regions. They analyse how the higher education system impacts upon regional and local development and bring together universities, other higher education institutions, and public and private agencies to identify strategic goals and to work towards them.