Higher Education in Norway

Labour Market Relevance and Outcomes

image of Higher Education in Norway

The higher education system in Norway generally produces graduates with good skills and labour market outcomes. This success can be largely attributed to Norway’s robust and inclusive labour market and recent higher education reforms to improve quality. However, some Norwegian students have poor labour market outcomes and past success is no guarantee of future success, especially as the Norwegian economy upskills and diversifies. This report provides advice and recommendations to improve the labour market relevance and the outcomes of higher education in Norway. The analysis finds that there is an opportunity to expand work-based learning opportunities, improve career guidance, and do a better job of using innovative learning and teaching practices to improve labour market relevance across the system. The report concludes that Norwegian policy makers have a larger role to play in steering the system. Policy makers can set the conditions for greater labour market relevance by strengthening the mechanism for collaboration between higher education institutions and employers, ensuring better coordination and use of labour market information, and redoubling efforts to support quality learning and teaching. This report was developed as part of the OECD Enhancing Higher Education System Performance project.



Enhancing labour market relevance and outcomes through policy

This chapter examines the approaches that Norwegian policy makers use to steer the higher education system towards greater labour market relevance. It focuses on how well these levers are working and where new policy responses may be required. Evidence from formal evaluations, recent OECD reviews on related topics, as well as evidence gathered as part of the OECD review team’s interviews and workshops with key stakeholders are used to ascertain the effectiveness of current policy approaches and to identify where gaps exist. The chapter also provides international examples that Norway may wish to consider when thinking about ways to better support the labour market relevance of its higher education system.



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