Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems

image of Getting Skills Right: Future-Ready Adult Learning Systems

With digitalisation, deepening globalisation and population ageing, the world of work is changing. The extent to which individuals, firms and economies can harness the benefits of these changes critically depends on the readiness of adult learning systems to help people develop relevant skills for this changing world of work. This report presents the key results from the Priorities for Adult Learning (PAL) Dashboard which facilitates comparisons between countries along seven dimensions of the readiness of adult learning systems to address future skill challenges. Based on the dashboard, the report highlights in which areas action is needed, and policy examples from OECD and emerging countries throughout the report illustrate how these actions could be implemented.



Building effective co-ordination mechanisms

Adult learning is a complex policy field. It encompasses programmes designed to pursue a variety of objectives and reach different target groups. As a result, the responsibility for adult learning is often split across several ministries, the social partners and stakeholders, and encompasses different levels of governance. In this context, good co-ordination mechanisms are essential to ensure that policies do not duplicate, but reinforce each other. This chapter provides an overview of what OECD countries are doing to improve co-ordination across different actors involved in adult learning, and how adult learning strategies can be used to enhance policy coherence.


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