Formative Assessment

Improving Learning in Secondary Classrooms

image of Formative Assessment

This study features a collection of eight case studies of exemplary cases from secondary schools as well as international literature reviews and policy analysis related to formative assessment – the frequent assessments of student progress to identify learning needs and shape teaching.  It examines such issues as benefits and barriers for using formative assessment, policy frameworks and implications, and formative assessment in practice.  Achievement gains attributed to formative assessment are reported as being quite high, but it is not yet practiced systematically.  This book makes the case for use of formative assessment and shows how it can be put into practice.

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Executive Summary

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Assessment is integral to the education process. The most visible assessments are summative, measuring what students have learnt through testing and examination, or holding schools accountable for student performance. But assessment can also be “formative”. Formative assessment refers to frequent, interactive assessments of student progress...

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