Evidence in Education

Linking Research and Policy

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Education policies and systems in all OECD countries are coming under increasing pressure to show greater accountability and effectiveness and it is crucial that educational policy decisions are made based on the best evidence possible. This book brings together international experts on evidence-informed policy in education from a wide range of OECD countries. The report looks at the issues facing educational policy makers, researchers, and stakeholders – teachers, media, parents – in using evidence to best effect. It focuses on the challenge of effective brokering between policy makers and researchers, offers specific examples of major policy-related research, and presents perspectives from several senior politicians. This book provides a fresh outlook on key issues facing policy makers, researchers and school leaders today


A Large-scale Policy Research Programme: A Canadian Experience

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

In this chapter we look at how a number of factors have provided momentum for a major cultural change in evidence-based policy in Canada. At the same time as longitudinal surveys and methodologies offered opportunities for research on new trajectories, a political will appeared to undertake a concerted policy programme which resulted eventually in the “Children’s Agenda”.


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