OECD Education Policy Perspectives

The OECD Directorate for Education and Skills helps countries compare their education policies and experiences, and learn from each other through large scale assessment and surveys and comparative policy analysis. This policy papers series presents analysis for policy makers, practitioners and researchers on a wide range of policy issues covered at OECD: from pre-primary to higher education, from policy design to implementation, from student performance and well-being, to teacher training and practices, to school resources.


Enhancing labour market relevance and outcomes of higher education: Country note Austria

This country note presents the results of an analysis of Austria undertaken within the Labour Market Relevance and Outcomes of Higher Education Partnership Initiative project. The project was implemented by the OECD with the support of the European Commission with the aim of helping policy makers and higher education institutions enhance the employment outcomes of graduates by better aligning higher education provision and with current and emerging labour market skill demands. Austria is one of the few OECD countries where women comprise a smaller share of new entrants to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) master’s programmes than they do to bachelor’s degree programmes. This is especially a problem given the general preference of Austrian employers for master’s degrees over bachelor qualifications. Increasing the entry of women into ICT programmes, including postgraduate study, is a key government priority. Making progress requires both improvements to study guidance and support for students to raise success in their studies. The country note reviews the system context, highlights challenges faced by higher education institutions and, lessons learned from current practice, and presents policy options.


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