Education Today 2009

The OECD Perspective

image of Education Today 2009

This book presents OECD's main messages regarding the current state of education. Organised into nine sections, this report examines early childhood, schooling, transitions beyond initial education, higher education, adult education, lifelong learning, outcomes and returns, equity, and innovation. Each section offers both key findings and orientations for policy. All sections highlight the main messages in a concise and accessible way, with reference to the original OECD sources.

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Innovation and Knowledge Management

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Recognition of the key role of research and knowledge management in educational practice and policy-making is in general recent. In many countries, there has been only weak capacity to develop and exploit the knowledge base on which improved practice and effective policies can be based. The volume of relevant educational R&D tends generally to be low, despite education being so explicitly about knowledge. Similarly, a great deal of educational change is still shaped by short-term considerations despite education’s fundamental long-term mission and nature. Educational R&D systems, knowledge management, futures thinking, and evidenceinformed policy and practice, have all been prominent aspects of the OECD work done primarily through the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation.

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