Education Policy Outlook 2018

Putting Student Learning at the Centre

image of Education Policy Outlook 2018

Taking the students’ perspective, Education Policy Outlook 2018: Putting Student Learning at the Centre analyses the evolution of key education priorities and key education policies in 43 education systems. It compares more recent developments in education policy ecosystems (mainly between 2015 and 2017) with various education policies adopted between 2008 and 2014. This report includes around 200 policies spanning from early childhood education and care (ECEC) to higher education and lifelong learning on topics such as: improving the quality and access to ECEC, promoting education success for all students, reducing the negative impact of some system-level policies and practices, increasing completion of upper secondary education, developing quality vocational education and training, enhancing the quality of tertiary education, supporting transitions across education pathways and the labour market.



Policy implementation and evaluation: Learning from experience and evidence

This chapter examines the emerging policy evaluation culture across OECD countries through the lens of countries’ experiences in implementing key policies and evidence from OECD country reviews, as well as from the perspective of policy evaluators reflecting on policy implementation processes ex post. It identifies four key principles that can assist countries in promoting policy improvement: 1) involve all stakeholders, including students, and ensure their continued engagement; 2) elevate evidence and use data strategically in the policy implementation and evaluation process; 3) develop a common understanding of concepts and shared goals and standards; and 4) ensure a fair distribution of resources and equal capacity to use them on the ground. The chapter also highlights the vital role that strengthening evaluation capacity can play in improving implementation.


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