Education Policy Analysis 2004

image of Education Policy Analysis 2004

The 2004 edition of Education Policy Analysis contains state-of-the-art reviews of policy issues and international developments in the role of non-university institutions in widening access to tertiary education and in making it more diverse and relevant; how countries can gain educational returns from their investments in educational ICT; the challenges that lifelong learning poses for schools; and how tax policies can help to foster lifelong learning. The 2004 edition also includes a summary of recent major education policy changes across a wide range of fields in OECD countries.

English Also available in: German, French

Alternatives to Universities Revisited

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

A substantial portion of tertiary education is now provided outside universities, in institutions with a wide variety of characteristics. These institutions provide an alternative mechanism for expanding enrolments, and often offer better access and greater diversity than the traditional university. Many are vocational in orientation, but some offer leisure courses and some alternative routes into university study. While many focus on advanced study, others have courses at many levels. Non-university institutions sometimes emulate universities, but can also be distinctive in aims and methods. They are often less generously funded than universities, and this cannot always be justified by differences in programmes, raising important equity issues. While non-university institutions will have a clear role in future provision, their position and purpose within tertiary education systems are sometimes ambiguous. In these cases, countries need to resolve the distinctive purposes of such institutions, adapting structures and funding accordingly.

English Also available in: French

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