Education Policy Analysis 1999

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

To meet a continuing growth in demand for learning, OECD countries seek to provide a wider array of education and training opportunities for learners in their earliest years through adult life. Has increased participation in education and training in the 1990s met the demand for lifelong learning? What gaps remain, and for which learners and in which types of learning? What are the most promising policy directions to encourage the expansion of learning opportunities that respond to learning aims and learner needs? How can policies help marshall the resources needed for the investment in learning and to encourage their efficienct use? This 1999 edition of Education Policy Analysis explores these and other questions. Drawing on the policy experience and trends in OECD countries, the four chapters in this book cover: projections of growth in participation in formal education and training to meet lifelong learning targets, and implications for costs; policy options to secure the benefits of early childhood education and care; the uses of ICT in education; and tracking participation from under-represented groups in tertiary education.

English German, French