Education in Thailand

An OECD-UNESCO Perspective

image of Education in Thailand

Thailand’s education system stands at a crossroads. Significant investment has widened access to education and the country performs relatively well in international assessments compared with its peers. But the benefits have not been universally distributed and Thailand has not received the return on its spending on education that it might have expected. This report encourages Thailand to focus on four priority areas to prepare students from all backgrounds for a fast-changing world. The first is to set clear, common standards for all students through a revised and improved curriculum. The second priority is to build capacity to reliably assess students across the full range of competencies needed for success in life and in learning. Third, Thailand needs to develop a holistic strategy to prepare teachers and school leaders to deliver education reform, including implementing the revised curriculum, and to tackle teaching shortages in the most deprived areas. The final challenge is to create a comprehensive information and communications technology strategy to equip all Thailand’s schools, teachers and students for the 21st century.



Thailand's information and communication technology in education

Good information and communication technology (ICT) skills are essential for effective participation in today’s world. This chapter outlines Thailand’s ICT education policies and explores some of the reason why, despite significant investment, Thai students lag behind their peers in this area. It identifies five policy issues that may be holding Thailand back: 1) inequity in infrastructure provision; 2) limited digital learning materials relevant to the national curriculum; 3) teachers’ confidence and capacity to use ICT in the classroom; 4) lack of effective monitoring of ICT policies; and 5) no coherent framework for investment in ICT.


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