Education in Indonesia

Rising to the Challenge

image of Education in Indonesia

Having made impressive progress in widening access to basic education, Indonesia must now consolidate these gains and develop an education system that will support better the needs of a rapidly emerging economy in its transition towards high-income status. This report provides guidance on how Indonesia can rise to this challenge. It highlights three main policy directions which, pursued together, would help Indonesia advance on the path towards stronger growth and more inclusive and sustainable development. The first priority is to raise the quality of education and ensure that all learners acquire the skills they need to succeed in life and work. The second goal is to widen participation, requiring a concerted effort to improve access for disadvantaged groups and expand provision beyond the basic level. The final challenge is to increase efficiency, with a more data-driven approach to resource allocation, better tailoring of provision to local needs, and stronger performance management.



Senior secondary education in Indonesia

Senior secondary education is provided in a variety of ways in Indonesia: formal, non-formal and informal. It builds on the nine years of basic education (six years of primary school and three years of junior secondary school). Students entering senior secondary school can attend either a more academically oriented school or vocational school. This applies in both the Islamic and non-Islamic systems. Formal senior secondary education comprises general education (sekolah menengah atas, or SMA), vocational education (sekolah menengah kejuruan, or SMK), Islamic senior secondary schools (madrasah aliyah, or MA) and Islamic vocational education (madrasah aliyah kejuruan, or MAK). This chapter concentrates largely on the provision of academic senior secondary education, while Chapter 5 considers the vocational side.


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