Education in Chile

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Chile’s education system can foster stronger economic, democratic and social development in the country. There are significant macroeconomic benefits to education, such as increased productivity. That said, individuals tend to benefit the most from high-quality, equitable education systems.

In 2004, the OECD performed a review of national education policies and an analysis of the Chilean education system. This review aims to identify key changes in the Chilean education system mainly from 2004-16, in order to analyse where education in Chile stands today and offer recommendations to help provide better education opportunities for all Chileans in the coming years. The review therefore examines different areas of education policy in Chile, from early childhood education and care (ECEC) to higher education.

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Strengthening the quality and equity of Chilean ECEC and schools

Good schools and early childhood education are crucial for prosperity and democracy. A good Chilean education system should provide opportunities for social and economic participation and active citizenship to all people living in Chile. It should engender social cohesion and economic growth that all members of the community can benefit from. This chapter discusses structures and practices to improve student, school and system management in Chile. It addresses Chile’s need to continue efforts to provide better-quality education opportunities to all students by: 1) strengthening quality across the system through a coherent and evolving strategy for learning in the future; 2) strengthening an environment of inclusiveness across the system by addressing processes and structures; 3) supporting successful outcomes for all girls and boys and students from all ethnic origins by identifying, promoting and monitoring structures, attitudes and practices; 4) ensuring good education and care opportunities from the youngest age, and; 5) Unifying and strengthening the public education system as a learning organisation.


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