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Chile’s education system can foster stronger economic, democratic and social development in the country. There are significant macroeconomic benefits to education, such as increased productivity. That said, individuals tend to benefit the most from high-quality, equitable education systems.

In 2004, the OECD performed a review of national education policies and an analysis of the Chilean education system. This review aims to identify key changes in the Chilean education system mainly from 2004-16, in order to analyse where education in Chile stands today and offer recommendations to help provide better education opportunities for all Chileans in the coming years. The review therefore examines different areas of education policy in Chile, from early childhood education and care (ECEC) to higher education.

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Improving the quality of technical and vocational education in Chile

Vocational education and training (VET, or professional-technical education, as it is known in Chile) is increasingly crucial to countries wishing to develop a highly skilled labour force. Upper secondary VET programmes can provide a range of mid-level trade, technical, professional and management skills, while post-secondary VET programmes can provide students with high-level trade, technical-professional and management skills. By developing and sustaining a high-quality VET system, the Chilean government has the opportunity to improve the skills of its population and to begin developing a more innovative and knowledge-based economy. The Chilean government can do this by: 1) ensuring that VET programmes meet both the needs of students and employers for the short and longer term; 2) taking measures to ensure that all post-secondary VET programmes and institutions do not fall under a certain quality level; 3) Implementing a national qualifications framework to better meet labour market needs and the aspirations of students, and; 4) Developing good-quality career guidance and information, and make it available to students.


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