Education in Chile

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Chile’s education system can foster stronger economic, democratic and social development in the country. There are significant macroeconomic benefits to education, such as increased productivity. That said, individuals tend to benefit the most from high-quality, equitable education systems.

In 2004, the OECD performed a review of national education policies and an analysis of the Chilean education system. This review aims to identify key changes in the Chilean education system mainly from 2004-16, in order to analyse where education in Chile stands today and offer recommendations to help provide better education opportunities for all Chileans in the coming years. The review therefore examines different areas of education policy in Chile, from early childhood education and care (ECEC) to higher education.

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Improving higher education and research in Chile

Positioned at the nexus of knowledge creation, education, innovation and economic growth, universities and other higher education institutions must play a key role in the transformation of Chile’s economy. This chapter reviews the evolution of higher education in Chile from 2004 to present, as well as the proposals in recent reform packages. The OECD recommends in this chapter that Chile: 1) identify a system-level vision and strategy for higher education; 2) establish an effective infrastructure to steer the higher education system; 3) strengthen equity in access to high-quality higher education, and; 4) strengthen the quality and relevance of higher education.


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