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Education at a Glance is the authoritative source for information on the state of education around the world. It provides data on the structure, finances and performance of education systems across OECD countries and a number of accession and partner countries. More than 100 charts and tables in this publication – as well as links to much more available on the educational database – provide key information on the output of educational institutions; the impact of learning across countries; access, participation and progression in education; the financial resources invested in education; and teachers, the learning environment and the organisation of schools.

The 2023 edition includes a focus on vocational education and training (VET), examining participation in VET and the structure of VET programmes. This edition also includes a new chapter - Ensuring continued learning for Ukrainian refugees - which presents the results of an OECD 2023 survey that collected data on measures taken by OECD countries to integrate Ukrainian refugees into their education systems.

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La presente Nota Paese fornisce una panoramica delle caratteristiche chiave del sistema di istruzione in Italia, basandosi sui dati della pubblicazione "Uno sguardo sull'istruzione 2023". In linea con il tema affrontato dall'edizione di quest'anno, essa pone l'accento sull'Istruzione e Formazione Professionale (IFP), pur coprendo anche altri ambiti del sistema di istruzione. I dati contenuti nella presente Nota si riferiscono all'ultimo anno disponibile. I lettori interessati agli anni di riferimento dei dati possono consultare le tabelle corrispondenti contenute nella pubblicazione Uno sguardo sull'istruzione 2023.

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