E-Learning in Higher Education in Latin America

image of E-Learning in Higher Education in Latin America

This report analyses the incorporation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in higher education in Latin America, focusing mainly on what is commonly referred to as “e-learning”. Access to and quality of higher education, financial constraints and relevance to the needs of the labour market are all crucial challenges facing the higher education system in the region. The study attempts to understand how ICTs and new learning and teaching practices can help to meet these challenges. The report also provides the results of a questionnaire showing the degree of implementation and the impact of e-learning on a group of higher education institutions in Latin America and includes a set of policy recommendations in this area.

English Also available in: Spanish

A survey of Latin American universities and expert insights on e-learning in higher education

OECD Development Centre

The results from a survey of 34 Latin American universities and a series of interviews with experts in higher education shed light on recent trends in e-learning in the region. While e-learning has increased and is expected to grow, the face-to-face model is still predominant and different challenges remain. Access has expanded for certain groups, but the digital gap is still large. Efforts need to be made in areas such as accreditation, evaluation and teachers’ training to improve and maintain quality in emerging modalities of e-learning. The focus of e-learning programmes is still not well linked with labour market demands and the costs of setting up, developing and maintaining e-learning platforms are high. Policies are needed to tap the potential of e-learning. More flexible and enabling regulations, larger public involvement and public-private partnerships for financing, and better teacher training are essential according to the results from the interviews.


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